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Other Great Chip Sites

Chip Collecting is huge subject. There are so many different angles to attack the subject, it would be amazing if everyone approached it the same way. And so, we have a wide variety of web sites that are great references for the chip collecting community. I would recommending setting aside time to visit each site to see what they offer and how they are organized. When you have a question, you can then go to that site to find the answer.


www.cpu-pictures.com   An excellent site with chip and images and lots of great information.

www.cpu-museum.com   An excellent chip collecting site. Extensive information on former Soviet Union influenced chips.

www.cpushack.net  An extensive collection of chips by a wide variety of manufactures

www.cpu-world.com A great overall collecting site. Includes pictures, pin outs, etc.

The Smithsonian Chip Collection Site   Interesting historical information on chips

Great Microprocessors   One of the best descriptions of the early microprocessors

The Chip Directory   A great resource for identifying chips

Semiconductor Manufacturers   A list of semiconductor manufacturers with links to their websites

Personal Computer Timeline    A chronology of PC related events useful for correlating to chip developments

Hardware Bible Intel Microprocessors   A history of Intel and Intel compatible chips with technical information

Microprocessor Online   An online report on current microprocessor news

The Datamath Museum  An incredible resource for early calculators and related technology (TI focus)

cpu.swissgeeks.com  Interesting CPU collecting site