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Intel 3101


General Information

The 3101 is the world’s first solid state memory device and Intel’s first product. The 3101 used Schottky barrier diode, bipolar technology. The bipolar technology produced devices significantly faster than competing gold diffusion processes. The 3101 had a memory capacity of 64 bits. This was organized as 16 4-bit words. The 4 bit words were addressed with an on-board 1×16 decoder using 4 leads.The 3101 narrowly beat out the Intel 1101 to be Intel’s first memory chip. The 1101 was developed using a silicon gate PMOS technology. The 3101 and 1101 projects were started at the same time to determine, which technology could be brought to market first. Although the 3101 won the contest, the bipolar technology ultimately lost because silicon gate technology was used in the giant commercial success, the Intel 1103 DRAM. 




Version Type Technology Memory Org Cycle Comments
3101 SRAM Schottky Bipolar 64b 16×4 75ns  
3101A 35ns  



Chip Name

On-Chip Identification


General Comments

C – Gray Trace 3101 C3101    
3101A C3101A C3101AGT  
C 3101 C3101    
3101A C3101A    
P 3101 P3101    
3101A P3101A    

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Second Sources

AMD, Signetics