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What’s My Chip Worth?

Intel_C1101The factors that go into determining the value of a chip are as follows:

  • State (New, used, etc.?)
  • Condition (The physical condition of the chip?)
  • Rarity (How many are left?)
  • Notoriety (How many people know about it?)
  • Popularity (How many people care?)
  • Functional (Does it work?)

State of the Chip

These are terms that define the four chip states: New NIB:  New In the Box or Package, means that the chip, no matter its age, is unused and still in its original packaging. NOS:  New Old Stock, means that the chip, no matter its age and the fact it is not packaged, has never been …

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Chip Rarity

How rare is your chip. The quick answer is nobody knows. The extended answer is far for complicated, but I can provide some guidance.  How many chips are left? – Part 1 To figure out how many chips are left, you would figure we would start with how many were made. This is not as …

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Chip Condition

Chip Condition is graded on the physical condition of chip. The condition of the chip depends on the quality of manufacturing and the chip’s wear and tear. The Common Chip Grading Methodology (CCGM) provides for a 100 point scale, not dissimilar to coin grading. However, to attempt to reduce judgment variations, scores for individual components …

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