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Texas Instruments TMS1000


General Information

The original TMS1000 family consists of 6 chips the TMS1000 and TMS1200 are basic chips, the TMS1070 and TMS1270 are high voltage versions to interface to displays, the TMS1100 and TMS1300 provide twice the on-board ROM and RAM. The TMS1000, TMS1070, and TMS1100 are 28-lead packages, the TMS1200, TMS1270, and TMS1300 are 40-lead versions of the same chips (just 200 to the 28-lead chip numbers).In the 80’s TI added to the 1000 family. The 28-lead TMS1170 started with a TMS1100 base and added fluorescent display drive capability and expanded memory (2KB ROM). The TMS1370 was the same as the TMS1170 and added 27 I/O lines. An expanded memory group based on the original TMS1000 chips was also created. They were the TMS1400, TMS1470, and TMS1700 (64 Bytes RAM, 4KB ROM). There were 40-lead versions of the TMS1400 and TMS1470, which because the TMS1600 and TMS1670.  CMOS versions were also added, denoted with a “C” suffix, such as TMS1200C.The TMS1000 also had system evaluator chips. The original evaluator chips were the  TMS1098 and TMS1099. These 64-lead evaluator chips were ROM-less versions of their corresponding standard chips. The TMS1099 supported the TMS1000/TMS1200 and the TMS1070/1270. The TMS1098 supported the TMS1100/1300. Later evaluators were introduced to support the entire TMS1000 family, they were the SE1000P (supports TMS1000,1070,1200,1700), SE2200P (supports TMS1100,1170,1300,1370), and the SE1400P (supports 1400, 1470, 1600, 1670).The success of the the TMS1000 is demonstrated by its long lifecycle (over 20 years) and its expanded product line. The TMS1000 is found in many appliances, control systems, and games. Most of these chips were sourced by companies for direct use in their products and will have custom or house numbers on the chips (not the standard numbers listed above). Even TI used custom numbers in its products. The TMS1000 was used as a customized chip in the Texas Instruments “Speak and Spell” educational toy line (See Pictures at bottom). 


Early 1975
Designers Unknown


Type Data Word Address Space Clock Instructions Assists Reg’s  GP Reg’s Math Reg’s Index IO Ports   Stack Interrupts Memory
PMOS, MCU  4-bit 1KB 300Khz 43 Standard Instructions & 1024 Micro- instructions NA 1 1 0  “K” Inputs 4 bits parallel, “R” Outputs 11 lines / bits, “O” Outputs 8 bits parallel  1x10bits None ROM 1KBRAM 32B




On-Chip Identification


General Comments


White/Gold CerDIP, 28-lead

TMS1000JLC   Suffix of C, L, P indicates temperature range (C=-12o5C to 85oC, L = -0oC to 70oC)

Black Resin, 28-lead DIP


Black Resin, 28-lead DIP

TMS1000NLL orTMS1000-NLL TMS1000NLL  
TMS1000NLP Black Resin, 28-lead DIP TMS1000NLP orTMS1000-NLP TMS1000  

Related Chips

Related Chips

TMS1200, TMS1070, TMS1098, TMS1099, TMS1270, TMS1100, TMS1300

Second Sources

Support Chips 6011 (UART)


TI Speak & Spell The 1000 chip is this unit is a TI TMC0271-N2L Speak & Spell Circuit Board TI Speak & MathThe 1000 chip is this unit is a TI CD2704B-N2L

Other Resources

Book:  TMS1000 Series Data Manual MOS/LSI One-Chip Microcomputers by TI (December 1976)

Link:  Intel and TI Microprocessors and Microcomputers at the Datamath Calculator Museum