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Rockwell PPS-4


General Information

The PPS-4 is one of only four microprocessors introduced before 1974 (the others being Intel’s 4004 and 8008, and National Semi’s IMP-16). The PPS-4 was the only competitor to Intel 4004. And like the 4004 was originally developed for calculator applications. The PPS-4 chip technology was metal gate versus the 4004’s silicon gate. Although using a slower technology, the PPS-4 implemented a higher degree of parallelism than the Intel 4004. Its performance was comparable to the Intel 4004, according the 4004’s designer Federico Faggin.The original PPS-4, 12660, was introduced in the third quarter of 1972. The PPS-4 had two follow-on versions PPS-4/2 (third quarter 1975) and PPS-4/1 (second quarter 1976). Like the 4004, the PPS-4 was used in computing, control and gaming applications. The PPS-4 can be found in several of Gottlieb’s pinball machines.The PPS-4 uses the QUIP (Quad-In-Line) package found in Rockwell’s later 6511. The QUIP package has the alternating leads to reduce package size. While the 4004 was bottlenecked with 16 leads, the PPS-4 had 42.

“The original part number of the PPS-4 was the 10660. I selected the part number very carefully. The part number appears on every mask layer, but I “accidentally” left the metal off the top of the first zero. Under a microscope the part number looks like “lubb0″ which was as close to getting my name on the chip as possible.” Ray Lubow, 12-17-2002


PPS-4, 3rd Quarter 1972; PPS-4/1 2nd Quarter 1976; PPS-4/2 3rd Quarter 1975
Designers Ray Lubow, Jim Slager


Type Data Word Address Space Clock Instruct- ions Assists Reg’s  GP Reg’s Math Reg’s Index IO Ports   Stack Interrupts Memory
CPU, PMOS 4-bit 4K 256Khz, /2 = 199Khz   NA 1 1 0   2x12bits 1 Level  


Chip Name


On-Chip Identification


General Comments

PPS-4   10660 Picture NA  
PPS-4 Black plastic, 42 lead, QUIP 12660EA Rockwell12660EA  
PPS-4/1 Black plastic, 42 lead, QUIP 76xx or 77xx Picture NA  
PPS-4/2 White ceramic, 42 lead, QUIP 11600?? Picture NA  
PPS-4/2 Black plastic, 42 lead, QUIP 11600EF Rockwell11660EF This PPS-4/2 is on a Gottieb motherboard

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Second Sources

Support Chips 10738 (Bus Interface Circuit), 10706 (Clock Generator), 10788 (General Purpose Keyboard and Display Control), 10696 (General Purpose I/O), 11049 (Interval Timer), 10815 (Keyboard/Printer Controller), 10789 (Printer Controller), 10736,15380 (Victor Dot Matrix Printer Controller), 10930 (Serial Data Controller), 10371 (Telecommunications Data Interface)