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General Micro-electronics, Inc.

Company Pedigree


 Ascendant Companies Descendent Companies
Company Comments Company Comments
Fairchild Semiconductor Co-founded by former Fairchild employees Jim Ferguson. Bob Norman and Howard Bobb along with Arthur Lowell (who brought the funding of Pyle-National) in 1963 Philco-Ford Bought the financially troubled company in 1966 and closed it in 1968
AMI Founded by Howard Bobb in 1966
Electronics Arrays Jim McMullen and other left to found McMullen Associates which became Electronic Arrays, Inc. in 1967

Company Overview

Created to develop the MOSFET wafer fabrication technology. MOSFET technology was sold under the brand name of Picologic. Never made money.

Major Achievements

In 1965, developed the MOS (MOSFET) wafer fabrication technology. Created the first MOSFET chips.

Chip Identification

General Micro-electronics Logo


General Micro-electronics Chips


  DTL Integrated Circuits (as of 1966)
NAND/NOR Gates 254G3, 254G4, 264D2, 264D5, 264DR, 263DG, 264G9, 263Q, 263Q2, 264T2
Power Gates 264P, 264E3, 264D3,264D4
NAND/NOR Buffers 264L, 264B3, 264B4, 264E4
Binary Elements 264B (RST Flip Flop), 264MB (RST Flip Flop), 264JK (JK Flip Flop)
Delay Elements 264SS (Multivibrator)
Expanders 254DD, 254D3, 254G6, 254DA
  RTL Integrated Circuits (as of 1966)
RTL Gates 134G (Gate), 134D2 (Dual Gate), 134D3 (Dual Gate), 134B (Buffer), 134E (Expander Gate), 134H (Half-Adder), 134A (Adder), 134R (Register)
  MOSFET Integrated Circuits (as of 1966)
Shift Registers pL5000 Series (register lengths from 8-100 bits)
Analog Switches pL4S01, pL4S02 (digital to analog storage register)
Counters pL5050 (Dual decade counter), pL4C01 (BCD decade counter)
Gates pL4G01 (Dual 4-input), pL4G02 (BCD to decade counter)
Module pL4M01 (Dual JK Flip Flop)