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GMT Microelectronics Corporation

Company Pedigree


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Commodore Semiconductor Group Former Commodore Semiconductor Group (CSG) management bought the assets of CSG from the bankrupt Commodore Business Machines in 1995.

Company Overview

GMT Microelectronics Corporation (GMT stands for Great Mixed-signal Technologies) was an independent, privately held, silicon wafer foundry and analog, mixed-signal and power management integrated circuits.

When the Commodore Semiconductor Group closed its manufacturing plant in 1992. With the discovery of extensive contamination from leaking underground storage tanks at the facility, the EPA ordered groundwater cleanup and other related work. This was not completed as Commodore Business Machines went bankrupt.

In December 1994, EPA entered into a Prospective Purchase Agreement (limited the company’s liability in exchange for sharing the costs of cleanup) with GMT Microelectronics, which enabled GMT to purchase the facility from the bankrupt Commodore Business Machine, Inc. Operations at the facility were restarted in January 1995.

Process, equipment improvements, and aggressive technical staffing enabled GMT to initiate a production in May 1995. GMT’s fab had a capacity of producing 100mm and 125mm wafers in its 150,000 square foot facility, Dennis Peasenell was Chairman and CEO and by 1999, GMT had $21.1 Million in revenue and 183 Employees. However, GMT experienced financial difficulties and the EPA shutdown GMT operations in 2001. GMT ceased operations and its semiconductor assets were liquidated.

Chip Identification


GMT Chips

Analog, mixed-signal and power management integrated circuit. Most popular devices were SCSI terminators.