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SGS-Thomson Microelectronics SGS-Thomson Microelectronics changed its name to STMicroelectronics in May of 1998

 Company Overview

On December 31, 1997, SGS-Thomson Microelectronics went public, renaming the company STMicroelectronics. The French and Italian governments sold 31% of the stock to the public. By 2002, STMicroelectronics government owned shared had decreased to 36%.

In 2002, ST had 40,000 employees, 12 research and development units, 32 design and application centers, 18 manufacturing sites and 74 sales offices in 27 countries.

Corporate Headquarters, as well as the headquarters for Europe and for Emerging Markets, were in Geneva, Switzerland. The Company’s U.S. Headquarters was in Carrollton (Dallas, Texas), formerly Mostek’s headquarters; those for Asia/Pacific are based in Singapore; and Japanese operations were headquartered in Tokyo.

As of 2002 ST had 8-inch fabs in Rousset (France), Agrate Brianza (Italy), Crolles (France), Phoenix (Arizona), Singapore, and 2 in Catania (Italy). A 12-inch fab was in Crolles.