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Motorola’s microprocessors tended to be very innovative, but never seemed to capture large market share. The 6800 was a great start and 68000 was an incredible design. Other chip designs such as the 10800 were interesting as well. When Motorola joined forces with IBM and Apple for the PowerPC, the microprocessor innovation seemed to give way to more tried and true designs.

Motorola 6800

General General Information The 6800 was Motorola’s first microprocessor. The 6800 was introduced to directly compete with Intel’s 8080. Much of the design was based on Intel’s 8008. The 6800 had a very similar architecture to the 8080 with some differences at the register level. For example, the 6800 had two accumulators while the 8080 …

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Motorola 6801

General General Information The 6801 was Motorola’s first microcomputer. The 6801 added new instructions, but was fully software compatible with the 6800. Production 4th Quarter 1978 Designers Unknown Architecture Type Data Word Address Space Clock Instruct- ions Assists Reg’s  GP Reg’s Math Reg’s Index IO Ports   Stack Interrupts Memory MCU, HMOS 8-bit 64K 1Mhz, 1.25Mhz, …

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