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Motorola 6800


General Information

The 6800 was Motorola’s first microprocessor. The 6800 was introduced to directly compete with Intel’s 8080. Much of the design was based on Intel’s 8008. The 6800 had a very similar architecture to the 8080 with some differences at the register level. For example, the 6800 had two accumulators while the 8080 had one. The 6800 a smaller number of general purpose registers, but had a index register for array access to memory. The 6800’s instructions are more complex that the 8080. Depending on the application either processor could slightly faster than the other. 


2nd Quarter 1974
Designers Unknown


Type Data Word Address Space Clock Instruct- ions Assists Reg’s  GP Reg’s Math Reg’s Index IO Ports   Stack Interrupts Memory
CPU, NMOS 8-bit 64K 1Mhz 78 BCD 2 0 1 8 Ext RAM Vectored Multi-level NA


Chip Name


On-Chip Identification


General Comments

MC6800L Gray ceramic, gold lid, 40 gold side braised leads MC6800L Standard versions had a temperature range of 0-70oC.
MC6800S   MC6800S   S = CerDIP?L = Ceramic?
MC6800D   MC6800D    
MC6800P Black plastic, 40 tin leads MC6800P MC6800P  
MC6800CL   MC6800CL   “C” versions had a temperature range of -40-85oC.
MC6800CS   MC6800CS    
MC6800CD   MC6800CD    
MC6800CP Black plastic, 40 tin leads MC6800CP MC6800CP  
MC68B00P     MC68B00P  

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Second Sources

AMI, Fairchild, Hitachi
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