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Western Digital

Western Digital’s 1st microprocessor, the 1600 was Implemented with 3 chips. The 1600 was a microprogrammable CPU. The naming convention for the 1600 was a little confusing. The 1611 Control Chip was an ALU and 1621 Data Chip was the CU. The micro-instructions data were stored in the 1631 Microms (contraction of Micro ROM). The 1611 had 26 registers and an accumulator. The registers and accumulator were 8-bits each.

Western Digital 1600

General General Information Two versions of the 1600 were created using the same chips. The MCP1600 used the microms with microinstructions that created a 8-bit microprocessor and the MP1600 used microms that created a 16-bit microprocessor. The 1600 chip set was also referred to as the WD-16 or WD16. The 1600 is most well known …

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