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Western Digital 1600


General Information

Two versions of the 1600 were created using the same chips. The MCP1600 used the microms with microinstructions that created a 8-bit microprocessor and the MP1600 used microms that created a 16-bit microprocessor. The 1600 chip set was also referred to as the WD-16 or WD16.

The 1600 is most well known for its use in the implementation of the DEC LSI-11 microcomputers. It was used in the Alpha Micro Systems AM100, the Western Digital 9000 Pascal Microengine and in many automation and control systems.


3rd Quarter 1975
Designers Unknown


Type Data Word Address Space Clock Instruct- ions Assists Reg’s  GP Reg’s Math Reg’s Index IO Ports   Stack Interrupts Memory
CPU, NMOS 8-bit 64KB 3.3Mhz 84 NA 26 0 0   Ext RAM Vectored 4 Level  


Chip Name


On-Chip Identification


General Comments

CP1611 40 pins Western Digital: CP1611xxx or

DEC: 21-11549-0x

  Control Chip (ALU)
CP1621 40 pins Western Digital: CP1621xxx or

DEC: 21-001C3-0x

  Data Chip (CU)

Related Chips

Related Chips


Second Sources


Support Chips CP1631-10 (DEC: 23-001B5) (PDP-11 Instruction Set ROM, Part 1), CP1631-07 (DEC: 23–002B5) (PDP-11 Instruction Set ROM, Part 2), CP1631-15  (DEC: 23-003B5, 23-091A5-01) (PDP-11 Extended Instruction Set / Floating Point Instruction Set ROM), CP1851 (General Purpose I/O), CP1631 (Microm), DM1881 (DMA), DM1883 (DMA), FD1771,81,91,95 (Floppy Disk Controller), UC1671 (Async/Sync Transmitter/Receiver)