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Intel 4004


General Information

The 4004 is the world’s first single chip microprocessor.  The 4004 was created at Intel with Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin as the lead designers. The 4004 provided a new tool to the world. Up to that time semiconductors and IC’s were built for a specific purpose. The 4004 was the first semiconductor device that provided, at the chip level, the functions of a computer.

The 4004 contains the two basic architectural building blocks that are still found in today’s microcomputers: the arithmetic and logic unit and the control unit. The Intel 4004 ran at a clock speed of 108 kHz and contained 2300 transistors. By the time it was in production the clock speed was increased to 500kHz and later to 740kHz. It processed data in 4 bits, but its instructions were 8 bits long. The 4004 addressed up to 1 Kb of program memory and up to 4 Kb of data memory (as separate entities). It had sixteen 4-bit (or eight 8-bit) general purpose registers, and an instruction set containing 45 instructions.

The 4004 family is also referred to as the MCS-4.


3 Qtr, 1971

Designers Ted Hoff, Federico Faggin, Stan Mazor, Masatoshi Shima


Type Data Word Address Space Clock Instruct- ions Assists Reg’s  GP Reg’s Math Reg’s Index IO Ports   Stack Interrupts Memory
PMOS,CPU  4-bit 1Kb program, 4Kb data 500Khz, 740kHz, 2 Phase 46 BCD 0 1 16 4-bit NA 4×12 NA NA


Chip Name


On-Chip Identification


General Comments


White/Gold CerDIP, 16-pin (visible traces)



Gray trace chips were produced from 1971-76. This chip was assembled in Malaysia.


White/Gold CerDIP, 16-pin



I have chips assembled in the US and Hong Kong


Gray Ceramic, 16-pin DIP


 D4004 Assembled in Malaysia


Black Resin, 16-pin DIP



Assembled in the Philippines

Chip Die Pictures

4004chip 4004 FF 4004 Intel Logo 4004 Number
4004 chip Photograph Federico Faggin’s Initials Intel logo on chip with copyright 4004 Identifier on chip

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Support Chips Initial Chips:4001 (ROM), 4002-1 (RAM), 4002-2 (RAM), 4003 (Shift)Introduced Later:4008 (EPROM Interface), 4009 (EPROM Interface)

Other Resources

Federico Faggin’s 4004 Site  An interesting site describing the Intel 4004 development