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Intel is a name that is closely associated with microprocessors. Intel’s microprocessors were certainly leaders in the micro revolution. The X86 architecture and IBM PC became the de facto standard for personal computing in the late 20th century. In addition, Intel produced several other micro-architectures that had varying degrees of success.

Intel 3002

General General Information The Intel 3002 was Intel’s entry in the Bit-slice microprocessor market. The Bit-slice architecture is one of the most interesting innovations in microprocessor design. The Intel 3002 was Intel’s first entry into the Bit-slice marketplace and the 3002 was the first bipolar Bit-slice device. It is an unusual bit-slice in that it …

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Intel 4004

General General Information The 4004 is the world’s first single chip microprocessor.  The 4004 was created at Intel with Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin as the lead designers. The 4004 provided a new tool to the world. Up to that time semiconductors and IC’s were built for a specific purpose. The 4004 was the first …

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Intel 4040

General General Information The 4040 is an enhanced follow-on processor to the Intel 4004. The 4040 was used primarily in games, test, development, and control equipment. The package of the 4040 is more than twice as wide as the 4004 and has 24 pins vs. the 16 of the 4004. The 4040 added 14 instructions, …

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Intel 8008

General General Information The 8008 was the first 8-bit microprocessor. The 8008 was originally code named the 1201. The Intel 8008 was a microprocessor designed for use as a terminal controller for Control Terminal Corporation (CTC). The 8008 was to be single chip version of CTC’s CPU design, which was to be implemented as TTL …

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Intel 8080

General General Information The 8080 was created by the Intel with Federico Faggin as the lead designer (his last chip before he left and started Zilog). The 8080 was released in March of 1974. This chip is date coded to 1976, so it is a very early version of the chip. The 8080 was used …

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Intel 8085

General General Information The 8085 was the follow-on processor to the very successful Intel 8080A processor. The 8085 got its name because it was Intel’s first 5 volt microprocessor. The 8085 was 100% software compatible with the 8080A with increased systems performance. The initial 8085’s were based on NMOS technology and the later “H” versions …

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