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How Should I Store My Collection?

large_box_outsideSo, you want to collect chips. The natural question is how should I store them? As your collection grows another question will arise, what chips do I have? And another question that joins these two questions, where is that chip? So the three things you should address right  away when collecting are:

1. Chip Storage

2. Chip Inventory

3. Chip Organization

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Chip Storage

Factors in Choosing a Storage Solution Choosing your storage solution is one of most important decisions you will make in collecting chips. There are technical requirements for storing chips, there are some practical implications you should consider, and there are some financial considerations. Technical Requirements First the technical requirements. You want to keep your chips …

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Chip Inventory

Inventory Factors Selecting an inventory system is one of the most important decisions in building a large collection. If you make the assumption you will remember all the important details of your collection, and begin collecting in earnest, you are toast. I was and am. I have been trying to catch up for years, so …

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