Chip Storage

Factors in Choosing a Storage Solution

Choosing your storage solution is one of most important decisions you will make in collecting chips. There are technical requirements for storing chips, there are some practical implications you should consider, and there are some financial considerations.

Technical Requirements

First the technical requirements. You want to keep your chips in the best possible condition, both outside and inside. Also, some solutions will degrade over time, so you may need to refresh them every couple of decades or so. Here are the requirements:

1. Store the chips in an anti-static environment

2. Sore the chips in a acid free environment

3. Store the chips in a climate controlled environment

4. Store the chips in a low UV environment

5. Store the chips in an environment that provides physical protection from bumps, scratches, and crushing

6. Store the chips with descriptive information

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Practical Implications

1. Consider how much space your collection will occupy

2. Consider how easy it is look at your chips

3. Consider how difficult it is to enter a new chip into your collection

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Financial Considerations

1. What is does it cost to house your collection

2. What is the cost per chip to store

3. What is the incremental cost to add a chip once current storage is filled

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Technical Requirements

Anti-static Environment It is very important to keep chips from being damaged from static electricity. The solution is not necessarily intuitive. It requires that the electrical charge at any pin or lead be the same as any other pin or lead. One solution is to wrap the chips in a metal foils, aluminum is used …

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Practical Implications

How much space will your collection will occupy? This is not an easy question. There are two critical parts to determining the answer. The first thing you need to know is how many chips will you collect? If you had asked me when I started collecting in in 1978, I would have said one to …

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Financial Considerations

What is the cost per chip to store? So once you have figured out how much space will your collection will occupy. The related question is how much will it cost you. You figured out how many chips you will collect and you calculated the unit-storage-space, now you need to calculate the unit-storage-cost. In the …

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Examples of Storage Solutions

Small Electronic Boxes Electronics suppliers use these small boxes to ship components to customers. So, what’s a small box. Generally these types of boxes are 2-12 inches. They are convenient for small collections, but can be challenging if your collection gets larger. These boxes can have polyurethane anti static foam, which is good for chips …

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